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Release Plan

Version coreRelease Date
Current0.310.3124. September 2006
Current0.321. October 2006
Next0.400.400.40February 2007 (est.)

Task Plan

IDModuleTask Planned for versionStatus
27 coreRewrite the Ajax example, so that it works with Internet Explorer when ActiveX is disabled. Use IFRAMEs, or CGI::Ajax.0.40high priority
28 Add tests for the selection modes "nand", "nand not", "xnor", and "xnor not".0.40low priority
13 coreWrite a program that makes a new country module, as far as possible. Use "Geo::Postcodes::U2" as an example. Ask for which of the core methods should be made available, and any additional ones.1.00medium priority
22Make the module "Geo::Postcodes::IS" (Iceland), almost entirely automatically (see task #13)1.00low priority
15 coreUse Exporter to add optional exports in the modules. Replaced by Task #20-never

Finished Tasks (from version 0.21)

IDModule Implemented in version 0.21
1 coreImplement a "selection_loop", taking a procedure pointer and a "selection"-argument list, and call the procedure for each matching postcode
2web onlyAdd a todo-list on the web
3 Translate the remaining norwegian descriptions in some of the test-files to english
17 coreRemove the line "use 5.008" from "Makefile.PL", as there is no reason for this restriction
12 coreAdd "META.yml"-files to the distributions automatically, by upgrading "ExtUtils::MakeMaker"
7 coreAdd the selection mode "one", which will return just one (or zero) postcodes. It must be used initially, and will return a random postcode (using a random function). Default to "and" afterwards, as with an initial "not".
18 coreAdd test files ("t/7_pod.t" and "t/7_pod_coverage.t") to verify the documentation, using "Test::Pod" and "Test::Pod::Coverage"
5 coreAdd test files ("t/6_validselection.t") to validate that "verify_selectionlist" works
IDModule Implemented in version 0.30
19 coreRename "get_methods" to "get_fields", and "is_method" to "is_field", to avoid overloading the "method" word
16 Rename the supporting procedure "kommunenr2kommune" to "borough_number2county" and "kommunenr2fylke" to "borough_number2county"
20 coreAdd the test file "t/8_exporter.t" to check that the available methods really are available
4 coreWrite a tutorial "Geo::Postcodes::Tutorial.pod" for using a country specific module, and move most of the documentation from "" there. Use a fictious module "Geo::Postcodes::U2" (Utopia), and show a lot of sample code.
21 coreAdd support for external procedures in "selection", specified as "procedure" => \&procedure_name. The procedure is passed the postcode as argument, and must return true or false
IDModule Implemented in version 0.31
11 coreAdd support for "Build.PL", in addition to the present "Makefile.PL"
6 coreMove the pm-files to a "lib"-subdirectory in the distributions
10 coreAdd support in "Geo::Postcodes::Update" for testing a downloaded postcode file against the data in the module
14 coreAdd support in "Geo::Postcodes::Update" for automatic download of the postcode file, if possible
8 coreDocument "Geo::Postcodes::Update"
9 Document the "misc/update_*" programs better, by updating the "misc/README" files
23 coreRewrite "selection" to cope with modes as "and" "not" (instead of the correct "and not"), as done in "verify_selectionlist"
IDModule Implemented in version 0.32
25web onlyRewrite the ajax-example to use the modules
24 coreWrite a tutorial on how to set up a web service using ajax, as in the ajax example
26 coreAdd the selection modes "nand", "nand not", "xnor", and "xnor not".

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