Arne Sommer

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About Me


I have a Master of Science Degree (Cand. Scient.) in Computer Science from Department of Informatics at the University of Oslo, Norway.

Link to the Thesis (in Norwegian).

See my LinkedIn Profile for further details.

I live in Oslo, Norway.


The Name

Black Box Operation is a kind of homage to the Santa Cruz Operation (SCO). It is also a description of the typical situation for users of computers; who have absolutely no idea what is going on inside the programs - let alone the box itself. The computer is essentially a black box.

Raku (formerly known as «Perl 6»)

I have a Raku blog at

I am developing courses in Raku; see for details (or for the Norwegian version).


I wanted a short domain name for my personal web site, and was simply the first vaccant and pronounciable four-letter one I came across, while trying to make up an acronym.

In Norwegian